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We call Colin our 'creative planning consultant'. He has helped us secure planning permission for a garage conversion AFTER it had been turned down by the local council. He did this through his in-depth knowledge of planning law and ability to professionally and expertly communicate with council planning officers. He has also helped come up with various options to help us secure a house build project when we experienced several roadblocks, including the potential impact on and resistance from neighbours. In monetary terms, one project will already add tens of thousands of pounds in value to the property and the other has the potential to add over a million in value as well as continue to add future capital appreciation ~ Jenny Plant

I met Colin through BNI and he has advised me on various aspects including planning permissions, building regs and the best course of action to maximise the potential of the plot my house sits on. Always has my best interest at heart and tells it to you straight. You know where you stand with Colin and nothing is too much trouble.
I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for planning permission or general advice on what or what cannot be achieved with regard t the whole planning process ~ Andy Taylor

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