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My name is Colin Smith, I have been established for over 20 years and over that time have been involved with hundreds of planning issues and resolved a great many of them positively for my clients.


With wide experience in all areas of buildings and planning regulation, I help people make the most out of their property or any land they may own.


The important factor is in knowing what you can and cannot do with a property or area of land. So, with an insight into building controls, planning policy and law, I can help find a practical and economical solution.


I work with clients so they achieve value out of their property in a way which will usually give them more space, enable them to expand, or realise a land asset.

In terms of land, I advise on the options available and the potential uses of that land, whether that is a residential property or number of properties or other use. I will oversee the design process and liaise with the Local Authority and obtain necessary approvals.


I have extensive knowledge of planning regulations and controls, hands-on construction know-how, can project manage, and possess an acute understanding of planning law and policies.

Relationships are key to the process – with both the client and the planning authority – and through my experience, knowledge and contacts, offer a comprehensive “one-stop shop” service to all planning and building needs.


My early experience was in private architectural practice, learning the art of drawing and design and helping the company become one of the early adopters of CAD (computer-aided-design).


On becoming self-employed, I ran an architectural, property and design business and co-ordinated a design and building team on a wide range of domestic projects


Whether it is an extension, conversion or new-build, I offer a complete planning and building service through helping secure planning permission, providing expert advice, estimates, liaison with councils and builders and troubleshooting.

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