Pre-Planning Applications v Outline Applications

December 6, 2017

Part 2


So what's the alternative to a Pre-App? (see part 1 of this post)

Simple - You make an outline planning application.


1. You can make a 'detailed' outline application with all the important or concerning points covered.
2. The cost is a fraction of a full application
3. With a bit of prior knowledge, most developers could do it themselves with a bit of help saving time and fees
4. Best of all it could be approved leaving very little detail to be resolved. You can then go to the next stage or capitalise on the increase in site value.
5. If the outline app is refused then you will be given precise reasons why, which if you can fix it you will get your permission. The planners aren't allowed to find anything else wrong.


With an outline application, you pay currently (Nov 2017) £385 per 0.1 of a hectare of site area. You can fit, generally speaking, at least 3 houses on 0.1 of a hectare (100 sqm)  so you're up £770 straight away if not more. The cost of professional services for the outline is much less than a full application and you don't need professional surveys if the application does not include it. Eg ecological or contamination surveys. Trees can be asked for on sensitive sites. 

The minimum that is required for an outline application to establish the principle of development is access. 


So download the “” for information.

But please note, in conservation areas, LPA’s aren't too happy with outline planning applications because without full details the LPA may not be able to judge the impact of your development proposal. However, an outline application can be made with full details if required, which can address the objections - and have a chat with the conservation officer. 


A full planning application is required for changes of use. 
~ So use Permitted Development instead! 


In my opinion, consider an outline application over a pre-planning application every time.


So newbies. ... Be careful out there!

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